A Walk in the Park

Clyde Village Square
Tradition says the land was given to the village by William S. DeZeng with the understanding that if it ever were used for any other purpose it would revert back to his descendants. Records fail to yield deed but an early map shows the Public Square was there before Wayne County was formed.

Gravel paths and Privet Hedge
Gravel paths were put installed in 1879 and are still in use today. An oral account of the hedge history recalled by Joe Bramer had him jumping the hedge as a child back in the early 1930ís. Wayne Morrison estimates the hedge back to WW1 era.

The Mineral Well and Shelter
The mineral well was drilled in 1893 with the vein struck at 125 feet and the well depth is 146 feet. The shelter over the well was erected by the Electric Hose Company # 3 of the Clyde Volunteer Fire Department in 1927.

The Bandstand
The bandstand was dedicated on July 13, 1925. To this day the bandstand is a center for activities in our village. The yearly Miss Clyde contest, concerts, speeches to celebrate special occasions and even an occasional wedding are held there.

The Memorial Stone and Flagpole
The Memorial Stone was placed on May 30, 1925 to those who gave lives during WW1 and dedicated by the GA Brown Post of the American Legion. The flagpole was dedicated on November 11, 1991 and given by the Brown-DiSanto Post of the American Legion.

The George Washington Statue
The Statue of George Washington was unveiled as a gift of Chapter 974, Sons of Italy in the morning of September 5, 1932. Carved from stone in Carrara, Italy and weighing in at 2 tons. It stands 13 feet 6 inches in height from lower base.

The Circular Fountain
The circular fountain once was filled in for economic reasons were restored by a group of volunteers who made necessary repairs and placed it into working order. Alphonse Nicoletta spent many hours tending the circular garden surrounding the fountain and therefore a plaque in his honor was given.

The Firemenís Monument
When the Town Hall was razed in 1964 the fire bell was removed to the park and placed over a brick pedestal as a permanent memorial to firemen of the village.

The Cannon
According to an article in the Oct. 16, 2003 Crossroads Advocate there are 2 mysteries concerning cannons related to Clyde. Thanks to Mike Montemoramo some light is shed on one. Our cannon might be a sister cannon to the one in Palmyra. The second mystery is that of a cannon buried in the Clyde River. Wayne Morrison recounts of a 1779 event in the early pages of his local history. We have no other information concerning is cannon available. See the whole article on the display at the Brick Church Museum this summer.

The Time Capsule
The time capsule was ďplantedĒ in 1985 when the Village of Clyde celebrated the 150th birthday of itís charter (sesquicentennial) in 1835. The time capsule is to be opened on May 2, 2010. The capsule was donated by the Baris Funeral Home. The stone was obtained through the efforts of the sesquicentennial committee.

The Light Posts
The first four of the new light posts were installed in November 1999 by J.D. Electric. In 2006 there are now 10 lamp posts within the park

The Scout Clock Project
On July 27th, 2002, in the summer between his freshman and sophomore years of high school, Nathan DiLeo stood up in front of a gathering of townspeople in the park and conducted the ceremony dedicating the new clock, the result of his Eagle Scout project. In response to Nathanís effort, Mayor Thomas Caprilla made the following response:

Whereas, The Village of Clyde acknowledges all of the work and effort Nathan DiLeo has put forth in this Community Clock Project, and in recognition and appreciation for all of his time and energy researching the need of a clock, selecting the design, planning the construction, meeting and presenting his idea to all persons and organizations that donated financially, collecting and administering funds, and organizing the materials and manpower needed to complete this project, Therefore I, Thomas M. Caprilla, Mayor of Clyde, on this 27th day of July in the year 2002, on behalf of all of our residents, proudly accept this Clock as your gift to our Community. Your gift will stand as a symbol of the efforts of community pride one person can make within the community. [Crossroads Advocate Oct.17, 2002.]

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