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PHONE: 315-923-7150
P.O. Box 43
Clyde, NY 14433


GHS Board of Directors for 2018:

Pam Anstee, Beth Bailey, Jim Darnell, Steve Groat,
Dave Hickey, Hugh Miner, Renee Schloupt, and Lisa Stipre

GHS Officers and Committees for 2018:

President: Beth Bailey
Vice President: Renee Schloupt
Treasurer: Jim Darnell
Secretary: Lisa Stirpe

Accessions: David Hickey, Hugh Miner
Blockhouse Bulletin: James Darnell
Building & Grounds: Hugh Miner, Brenda Wennersten
Display: Pam Anstee, Hugh Miner
Gift Shop: Cheryl Bonnell
Heritage Park: Beth Bailey
Membership: Lisa Stirpe
Programs: Rene Schloupt

Memberbership in the Galen Historical Society is open to anyone interested in nurturing, sharing, preserving and protecting the rich history of the Town of Galen and Village of Clyde. Our current memberships are held not only by local residents but also by those residing in other localities and states. The Society is totally comprised of volunteers who contribute their time, effort, and donations to support museum exhibits, carry out programs and events and maintain the properties.

Officer Year: January to December

Board Meetings: First Wednesday of the month at 6:30

Quarterly Public Meetings and Programs: Fourth Monday of January, April, July, October

The Society offers 5 levels of membership depending on the level of support one chooses: Family/Individual, Family/Senior (age 62), Student (through college), Patron, Corporate and Benefactor/Memorial. Dues are yearly and billed at the anniversary of membership. Dues are tax deductible.

Gift memberships are available and donations to the Society are also welcome. Members receive the quarterly publication of the Blockhouse Bulletin and a membership card.

Click here for an online membership form.

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