Founders' Day

On Sunday, November 5th, 2006, The Galen Historical Society honored its founders at a 30th anniversary celebration held at the Brick Church Museum. Each founder or family member was given a handsomely framed Certificate of Honor, recognizing each for their contributions to the society and to their communities.

As a further tribute to their father, the seven Ketchum siblings donated a large framed 1871 map of the village of Clyde which their father had hung in his home. Dan Ketchum added that even when living in Arizona, Clyde was always home for his father.

Along with introductions and awards to honorees, Ed Buttachio, our MC, presented a plaque engraved with the names of the eight founders, which will be permanently displayed in the entrance to the museum.

Concluding the ceremonies, Village of Clyde Mayor, Roxanne Kise, and Town of Galen Supervisor, Leo Jenkins, both spoke of the contributions and impact of these founders on our community. They expressed the deep appreciation felt by all present.

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