The following is from the diary of John Van Deusen of Newark who in November of 1855 was hired to teach for three months at a one-room schoolhouse on the Rose Road in the Town of Galen. In it you will find an original account of the experiences of a 19th-century teacher, including his week-night stays at the homes of students, how he dealt with misbehavior, and even the weather of the time. You will also meet several of the early residents of Clyde and Galen.

[Note: These diary entries appear exactly as written by Mr. VanDeusen.] Blockhouse Bulletin: October 2005

Wednesday 14” Nov. 1855

John Bostwick wrote to Bro. Peter offering $25. per. Month for a School Teacher at Clyde.

Thursday 15” Nov. 1855

This morning pleasant. Concluded to go &. see John Bostwick instead of writing. Took 10:10 o’cl’k cars for Clyde. Found John in School. 60 to 70 scholars. Seems to be doing well. Owns his house &. lot &. his School House on it. He could not go with me to see Trustees of School for which he wanted a teacher. I spent the day in his School until noon. Afternoon I looked about the village into Mills, Factories, &.c. About 4 o’cl’k John &. I went to see the Trustees. The School House is about 2 miles north of the village on Rose Valley Road. Called on Mr. Chamberlain first. he was not at home. His father promised that he Should come to John’s in the morning. Also called on another Trustee who promised to come down with Mr. Chamberlain in the morning. We got me about dark. After tea walked down Street called in Several Stores, &. returned to the house where We found Miss Ingersoll of Lock Berlin &. Miss Ward of Port Glasgow. They wished to go to the Glass Factory. John &. I went with them Spent the eve very pleasantly.

Friday Nov. 16” 1855.

Rainy this morning. those Trustees did not come until about 10 o’cl’k. Our business was soon done. I am to teach their School 3 months for $25. per Month, 4 weeks of 5-1/2 days to the Month. Mr. Chamberlain is a well appearing man. I think the other a mean one. He wished to bargain me out of the holidays. I told him that he could not have me as a teacher if he did. We agreed upon terms &. that I was to come on a week from next Monday. Now if I should not get a certificate I should be down. As soon as they left The young ladies &. I left for the cars, they for Lock Berlin &. I for Lyons.

Monday 26” Nov. 1855.

Rainy &. cold. This morning about day light I started walk to Lyons to take cars for my school near Clyde. was in season. had only quarter of an hour to get to School before nine o’cl’k arrived quarter past 9. found 34 scholars waiting for me. Opened with a Speech &. prayer. Found them a bright company. disposed to have a good time, but I think I can control them. Went to Mr. Strong’s (a Trustee) to dinner &. to night to Mr. Chamberlain’s. had 3 young ladies in school &. 2 grown boys. Most of them are backwards with Studies, tho one young man is a good Scholar &. I like him very well. Chamberlain &. wife are a pleasant Baptist family. Had morning devotions in the family. I am to make my home with them.

Galen Tuesday 27” Nov. 1855.

Some of yesterday’s Scholars not in today. Had 2 new ones. One a Miss Laura St. John, has been a teacher the past Summer I am told. She is bright &. appears intelligent. To night I Stay at Mr. Strong’s. He is a drinking man I’m told. This eve Mr. Guildersleve cam in &. I had a very pleasant visit with him. He appears well as does his family who attend school. He sends one grown girl &. 2 boys.

Galen, Wayne Co. 28” Nov. 1855.

Warm&. pleasant. School Sam as yesterday. This eve went to the 3” Trustee’s house to spend the night. He is a Mason, swearing &. sort of rough. Had some repairs made on the School House this morning.

Galen Thursday Nov. 29” 1855

Thanksgiving day. I continue my School. Am entitled to the day, but commenced my School so lately tho’t I would not let for the day. To night Elder St. John’s the Baptist Minister at Rose Valley. Found a pleasant family Sends Laura to School. she is a young lady, taught School last Summer, is Smart &. intelligent Ann, a little 12 or 13 year old girl &. 2 younger boys Joseph &. Theodore also attend School. He had a Son near my own age at home out of health &. has one teeching at Rose Valley, lately married to a Miss Mackie of this neighborhood.

Friday Nov. 30” 1855

Very pleasant &. School went off pleasantly To night I went home with Fred A. Jones. Had a pleasant visit. I should think they were a Methodist family. They are farmers &. keep good Stock. Fred’s Sister Mary Cath. also attends school.

Saturday Dec. 1” 1855

Warm &. pleasant. pleasant season in School. About four-thirty o’cl’k Started for home. Did not leave Clyde until seven-thirty o’cl’k. Called on Dr. Weed. He is not Superintendent of Schools but Dr. Hendrix is. I called upon him but he was engaged &. I must see him again. Called on John Bostwick. We went to Lyons on cars. Found all well at home.

Galen Monday Dec. 3” 1855

Pleasant. Nothing new in School to day I came from home this morning pleasantly &. arrived about quarter past 9 o’cl’k. To night went to Mr. Guildersleve’s. The family well appearing people &.live well but are unstable in religious sentiment. They are I believe, at present Cambellites, &. favor Women’s rights, &.c.

Tuesday Dec 4” 1855

Pleasant. to night went to Mr. Aurand found them a poor family &. only one room home, but they have 6 children. Called at Mr. Eispenchids awhile, &. then went to Mr. Philander T. Chamberlain’s to Spend the night I call that home. they gone to Clyde this eve. returned about 9. Her father was there keeping house.

Wednesday Dec 5” 1855

Comfortable &. pleasant to day. Nothing new in School. This eve I went to Mr. St. John’s &. with them made an evening visit at Mr. Mackie’s Had a pleasant visit. Saw Mr. St. John’s Son who is a teacher at Rose Valley &. who married a Miss Mackie about a month ago.

Thursday, Dec. 6” 1855

Still pleasant. This morning on arriving at my School House found that curtains that I put up to lower part of the windows had during the night been cut to pieces. Found young man’s tracks at north window….in some ashes &. a small dog’s. Suspected Anson Strong observed his manner after his arrival &. had suspicions confirmed. Called in the Trustee Mr. Chamberlain to see. he said investigate &. be Sure &. then punish. Been investigating &. collecting what evidence I could. This eve invited Anson to Stay awhile &. talked the matter over with him. He denied everything &. put him off for further consideration Advised him to try to do right as tho’ he &. I had had no difficulty &. we might yet get along pleasantly. I should tho’ do what I could to Know who did it. To night I went home with Platt Smith, a Nephew of Col. Philip Smith. They are a Presbyterian family.

Friday Dec. 7” 1855

This morning I went to Chamberlains to get Carpet bag. Called at Mr. Strong’s &. had a talk with him about Anson. He believed him innocent. I told him the reasons I had for thinking him guilty. Have some suspicions of Another fellow &. am watching him. This eve on arriving at the Village called on Dr. Hendrick. was examined in 15 or 20 minutes. got my Certificate for Teaching, &. at half past 7 o’cl’k took cars for Newark. I reached home a half past 8 oclk. All well.

Galen Monday Dec. 10” 1855

I left home before day light this morn. walked over to Lyons village &. got a Book &. 4/ for Mr. Chamberlain his Agricultural fair premium, bro’t to him Arrived at School about quarter past 9 oclk. 9 new scholars. Some large ones. got thro’ the day better than on Friday. To night had a talk with Fred. Jones, &. went to Old Mr. Brownall’s to Stay. Spent the eve very pleasantly. It is getting cold this eve. His childrens names are Ira, Emily, &. Adalien He is….a rough old fellow. I bro’t whips into School this morning &. have got along much easier.

Tuesday Dec. 11” 1855

It was today that I bro’t whips instead of yesterday. to night I went to Mr. Espencheids Children’s names, Catharine,&. Philip. John goes to Bostwick in Clyde. It is a Dutch family, but a very pleasant one &. quite intelligent. They have morning &. evening prayers &. a blessing is asked at table. I have spent few evenings here so pleasantly as in that family. Only one room in the house, so they are straitened for room. Are Lutherans. It has been windy &. cold &. the ground is nearly covered with snow.

Galen Wednesday Dec. 12” 1855

Pleasant. Nothing new in School to day. To night I went home with David Kelsey East of School House. Not a particularly interesting family. Politically, Know Nothings.

Thursday Dec. 13” 1855

Pleasant &. comfortable. This morning a young man came with Cath. Jones &. was present at opening exercises. Jacob St. John Spent the forenoon with us &. the noon time with me. To night I went to a Mr. Near’s an old man &. wife 1” house south of School House. A Mr &. Mrs. Sours keep house for them. Spent a pleasant eve I have a bad cold &. am quite hoarse

Friday Dec. 14” 1855

Pleasant. My cold id very bad. I am very hoarse can hardly Speak aloud. This eve went to Chamberlain’s so as to get by talking some, &. have an opportunity to Doctor some.

Saturday Dec. 15” 1855

Rained last night considerable. I was well provided with towels &. water to Bathe throat &. breast during the night &. feel better to day, tho’ I am perhaps Some hoarser to day than yesterday. Called at John Bostwick’s in Clyde a few minutes. Met Jesse Owen &. his son Myron at Depot. They are peddling Books South of Clyde, &. went home on Cars to night. A number of Newark men were on cars. Found all well at home.

Galen Monday Dec. 17” 1855

Cooler &. pleasant. ground frozen this Morning. I walked to Lyons &. took cars. Arrived at school at quarter past 9 oclk. 45 Scholars in today. To night went to Mr. Fornecrook’s. Chldren’s names Saul H, a young man, Aden, 16 years of age I should think, Martha a young lady who intends to teach next Summer, Mary Cath. &. Jabez. It is a poor but interesting Methodist family. Jabez was out because I was punished him last week but came today again. It has become cooler &. looks this eve like Snow.

Tuesday 18” Dec. 1855

Snowed some last night, &. is much cooler this morning, &. pretty full School to day. This eve went to Elder St. John’s by appointment with his son Jacob the Eldest son Met the other one who teaches at Rose Valley &. his wife. They also had company from Rose Valley. Spent the evening very pleasantly Cold air, but otherwise a fine day.

Wednesday 19” Dec. 1855

Wrote to Joseph H.ekman St. N.Y. &. enclosed 4/ in postage Stamps to pay balance of my year’s Subscription for the Independent &. ordered it discontinued. Laura &. Mrs. Wallace St. John visited us this AM. &. part of P.M. I was invited to visit Fornecrooks with them &. Jones’ young people to night. I staid at Mr. Mackies’. He is Nurseryman West of School House. Sends Thomas about 17 or 18 years old, &. James &. Hannah all younger. Spent the evening very pleasantly.

Thursday 20” Dec. 1855

Pleasant but cool to day. To day formed &. heard recitation of a new Grammar Class. had 51 Scholars. The day has passed quite pleasantly. fred. Jones said that Spent a pleasant evening at Mr. Fornecrook’s To night I went to Mr. Harpers. His little girl 6 or 7 years old comes to school. Her name is Emily.

Friday 21” Dec. 1855

Pleasant, &. School went off pleasantly. Not so many present for some days past. To night went to Mr. Ansell Strongs to stay. Fred. a&. Mary Jones were in &. I had quite an Arithmetic class. Mr. Stongs Uncle Johnathan was husband to Mother’s Aunt, &. Father to Cousin Parthemia L. Andrews at Vernon.

Saturday 22” Dec. 1855

Warm, this P.M. rained. Jacob St, John was in a little before noon &. remained at noon. He had occasion to Speak to my boys about encouraging a fight. got along pretty well. Had 43 scholars. On my way to the Village took tea at Abram Knight’s a Wagon Maker near the School House. He sends T. Clarkson Knight his son aged about 10 I should think to School. Mrs. Howland at Toll gate, send Nozer aged about 14 or 15 years &. Herschell1 about 8 or 9 years of age. She tho’t I whipped Nozer when he did not deserve it. I tho’t I could judge best about that. I tried to treat all alike. talked about quarter of an hour with her.

Wednesday 26” Dec. 1855

Snowed fast all last night. Snow about a foot deep, perhaps a little more. It is the first sleighing, &. commenced &. was very good.good. I called at Mr. Chamberlain’s this Morning awhile. Their Donation to Elder McCormick comes of to morrow night &. she is quite disappointed that I can’t go. I had 29 Scholars to day tho’ it is quite cold &. windy &. drifting. the day has passed quite pleasantly. I took tea at Mr. Franciscos. Atended meting at my School. Mr. Wood of Clyde preached. He married Cook’s daughter of Cambria Niagara Co., a Sister of Cousin Cornelius’ wife. I became soon acquainted with him &. like him very well. After meeting I went over &. staid at Mr. Sours’. iFrancisco sends a little girl aged 6 years named Josephine. They are a poor family &. dancing, fun loving people.

Thursday 27” Dec. 1855

Pleaant &. fine sleighing. No School this PM. Went to Newark on 3 o’cl’k train of cars arrived in village about 4 oclk.

Galen Friday 28” Dec. 1855

After breakfast took cars for Clyde &. arrived at School about quarter past 9 o’clk. Had 39 scholars to day. Expected John Bostwick this P.M. To night staid at Mr. Elijah Smiths. Asa Rich comes from there. Mr. S. is a teacher north of rise in Clyde. It is cold &. snowing.

Saturday 29” Dec. 1855

Cold &. snows some. 38 scholars. Went to village &. took cars for home. Rode to village &. walked home all well.

Tuesday Jan. 1” 1856

I spent the forenoon at home in the house, reading a book title Right &. Left It is very interesting. I did not get through it. After dinner I left to go to Lyons to visit awhile &. then take $:25 train of cars for Clyde. From Clyde rode to School House with Mr. Espenscheid. Called at Mr. Jones’ &. spend the night at Mr. Chamberlains. He &. wife go to Clyde to visit this eve. I visit with his Father in Law Mr. Tuttle.

Galen Wednesday Jan 2” 1856.

Comfortable &. pleasant. 43 scholars. I went ti Mr. Dickenson’s to night. He sends Maria, nearly grown, Orlinda, &. James has been one day.

Thursday Jan 3” 1856

Warm &. pleasant. Thaws a little. Tonight snows again. I went to Espenscheid’s to night. Spent pleasant evening.

Friday Jan. 4” 1856

Cooler to day. Snows some. Mailed a letter to Cousin R. Porter, Nashua, N.H. by Espenscheid, containing $6.55 in Bills &. Postage Stamps. 44 scholars. To night went to Mr. Morris Smith’s he has lived in Pittstown &. in Chatham. His wife was raised in Chatham Knew Father as a young man. They send an Irish boy about 14 years of age named Cornelius Murphy &. a granddaughter Marion Smith 6 or 7 years old. Had 4 boys to visit my School this P.M. They trouble me not a little. John Bostwick sent Specimen of his writing to induce the formation of a class in writing. It is not very well done.

Saturday Jan 5” 1856.

Cold enough to day. Fine sleighing. 2 visitors I took tea at Mr. Manorris Smiths &. tho’t of going home, but It was so cold I concluded not to go &. went to Mr. Edward Jones to Spend the Sabbath. They seemed glad to see me. Studied Arithmetic with Fred. and Cath. It is vey cold. 42 scholars to day.

Galen Sabbath Jan 6” 1856

Snowy. I went to Mr. Chamberlain’s &. changed my clothes &. went with Mr. Jones &. Fred. to Clyde to Meeting. Mr. Jones is a Meth. I went to Pres. church, &. like the preacher well. His name is Wilson. At noon I saw Sab. School organized &. then went to Meth. church. &. went into Class Meeting to wait to go home with Mr. J. I was called on in my turn &. spoke. Mr. J. concluded to stay &. go with me to Second Service at Pres. Church. I spoke with Mrs. Dr. Eliot, one who was Melinda Jones &. engaged a long time to Dr. Levanway. Fred. did not go home with us. Texts James 4:14 &. James 4:8. On our return found company there. went away as soon as dinner was over. This eve Chs Hoffman a cousin of Kate went with her to Meeting to Village. Fred. came home about 10 o’cl’k.

Galen Monday Jan. 7” 1856.

More comfortable yesterday &. to day. It is pleasant to be here on Monday morning without so much hurrying as there is in coming from home. Had one visitor this P.M.

Tuesday Jan. 8” 1856

Last night went to Gates Smith’s. He is half brother to Sam. Briggs. Is a careless thriftless man. Sends Emerson to school. Has 2 grown Sons &. daughter all very ignorant poor housekeepers too. 43 scholars yesterday 47 scholars to day. It is very cold snows some &. very windy. Wind yesterday South East &. we expected a Storm, perhaps rain, but wind is West to day. This eve went to a donation at Elder St. John’s. He is minister of Baptist church at Rose Valley, &. the company were mainly from there &. vicinity, &. so were Strangers to me. I spent the evening very pleasantly. A few of our neighborhood were there.

Wednesday Jan. 9” 1856

It had been windy&. very cold. The coldest of the season. I had 39 scholars. To night went to Mr. Strong’s. Spent evening very pleasantly. Aaron &. I studied Arithmetic.

Thursday Jan. 10” 1856

Tho’t it was warmer this morning. Wind S. West but most of the day the wind has been West, &. cold enough. School gone of finely 37 scholars. To night went to Old Mr. Brownall’s &. staid. Helped Ira to night in Arithmetic.

Galen Friday Jan 11” 1856

Yesterday Fred. A. Jones reached the end of his Arithmetic, Save 2 or 3 sums that I am to do for him if I can. This morning weather is much warmer. Sees like a thaw. Had a difficulty with Asa A. Rich. He talked insolently after refusing to come in as I told him to do, &. persisted in replying to me saucily, when I took him by the colar &. bro’t him to the floor &. administered a whipping, &. a pretty through one. He has behaved badly for several days &. I have been anticipating just such a scene. It was when they were all coming in from noon recess. They had rolled in the snow &. several of them who had but little on them &. as they had been making considerable noise &. confusion I told them to come in, &. he was one of them. He refused for a time to come until he could brush snow from his boots, as his feet were cold they other day from it &. he would not stand it again. The weather being warmer &. scarcely any snow on his boots I did not think it of very much consequences, but more than all he had been hindering the rest &. was now very saucy to me. I therefore took him in hand as above described, &. this P.M. he has behaved much better. This A.M. dew off list of scholars &.their attendance from Nov. 26” to Dec 29” 1855 for te Trustees. Had Geo. Guildersleve up for fighting last night. went up on cars.

Galen Monday 14” Jan. 1856

Bro. Peter bro’t me to Depot. From Clyde I walked to my School House. It was a hard walk. 26 scholars. Snow deep

Had a new Scholar named John Welch from near the Village. told him that tho’t I could not take him for a Scholar. To night went to Mr. Guildersleve. Had a protracted debate with Mrs. G. who has peculiar religious, or antireligious opinions.

Tuesday 15” 1856.

Comfortable I got to school late because of late breakfast. to night went to Mr. Kelsey’s. While at tea John Bostwick came to see me. Staid about 1 and a half hours. 2 of his School boys came with him. Spent evening very pleasantly.

Wednesday 16” 1856.

Pleasant. Roads getting pretty good. Today Ira Brownall talked saucily to me &. I colored &. floored him. did not punish him but notified him of the consequences of disobedience &. impudence. To night went to Mr. Mackies, to talk with him about Thomas. Miss Cath. A, Patterson came there used to work in Tailor Shop at East Newatk.

Galen Thursday 17” Jan. 1856

Comfortable weather. School gone off pleasantly. To night went to Geo. P. Smiths Went with him and wife to meeting at Pres. Church. prayer meeting. they are having several during the week now &. there Seems to be unusual interest in them It was interesting &. profitable meeting. A good Spirit was manifest They seem humble &. prayerful. After our return had a pleasant visit. A misty rain has fallen today.

Friday Jan 18 1856

Warm &. a little thawy. 40 Scholars. School gone off pretty well but I am very tired. Thomas Mackie has had his lessons pretty well, &. I hope I will do better. Very tired tonight. Went to Mr. Jones’ Spent the evening very pleasantly.

Saturday Jan 19” 1856

36 scholars. day passed pleasantly Martha A. Aurand came back after going to school east of us 3 or 4 weeks. Went to Mr. Jones to tea. &. Fred. went home with me. Found all well. Met Bro. Wm in the village with cutter &. rode home with him.

Galen 21” Jan. 1856

Bro. Peter bro’t Fed. &. me to Newark Depot this morn in Cutter. Met Thomas Barnes on cars on his way to Albany. He is our Member of assembly. I guess will legislate on the right Side. Walked as usual to School from Cars. To night went to Mr. Harpers. They were not at home so went to Mr. Mackie’s.

Tuesday 22” Jan. 1856

Cool. School went off about as usual 37 Scholars. This eve Mr. Wood preached in my school House. A pretty large Audience present. Shaved &. took tea at Manoron Smiths. Think they are a little cross about my whipping Asa Rich. Went home with Mrs. St. John to her Father’s Mr. Mackie

Wednesday 24” Jan. 1856

Comfortable Weather. Mrs. Guildersleve sent a notice of Lecture to morrow eve at Clyde by Mrs. F. D. Gage &. Susan B. Anthony, to be given in School. To night went to Mr. Harpers.

Thursday 24” Jan. 1856

Very pleasant his A.M. this P.M. it has grown cold. Laura St. John in School &. with her came my trouble again. She is a mean acting girl in my opinion. 2 Hendrix boys in School. I dismissed them permanently to night. To night went to Mr. Fornecrook’s. Cold &. windy &. snowy to night.

Friday 25” Jan. 1856

Cold &. windy &. roads drifted some tho’ not so bad as I feared. Laura St. John not here to day. 36 scholars to day.

This P.M. Dr. Hendrix came to visit my school. He is Superintendent. He commended my School not a little, &. seemed pleased with it. I rode to the village with him. Called at Rev. Woods. he &. wife from home. Spent eve at John Boswick’s until 7 o’cl when he went to cars with me. Cold night. I reached home about half past 8 oclk All well

Galen Monday Jan 28” 1856

Not very cold. Snows. After breakfast …. Went by Omnibus to Rail Road &. then by cars to Clyde &. as usual to School on foot except a short ride with Dr. [illegible] (Homeopathic) who was going to Mr. Patton who is very sick. 33 scholars. I went to Mr. Wood’s to night. Spent the eve very pleasantly.

Tuesday, Jan. 29” 1856

Warmer &. pleasant. Mr. Patton no better Typhoid Pneumonia is his disease. 44 scholars in to day. To night I went home with David Kelsey, &. went to Singing School. It was a rough School. The teacher could not Sing not teach Singing, nor Keep order They are a rough swearing set of young people. I called into Mr. Espenscheid’s awhile.

Wednesday Jan 30” 1856

40 Scholars to day. Cooler &. windy Mr. Patton not expected to live thru the day. Got along quite pleasantly. To night went to Mr. Dickinson’s. Spent eve very pleasantly. became cold &. windy to night.

Galen Thursday Jan 31” 1856

Pleasant but rather cool 30 Scholars. The roads drifted a good deal last night The track was full on north &. south roads. To night borrowed an old English Arithmetic of Old Mr. Knight published in London 1716 &. he has had it 60 years. It is in good condition. To night I went to Mr. St. John’s to Stay. No one but Laura &. the children at home So I went to Mr. Chamberlain’s but they too were from home so I went to Mr. Guildersleve’s to Spend the night. Had a little of Woman’s rights discussion, but I got along quite pleasantly.

Friday February 1” 1856

Comfortable to day. 37 Scholars. Last night Mr. Patton died. This P.M. Fred. A. Jones has had to go to Sodus Point to see some of the friends. To night went to Mr. Jones. Had Arithmetic class to night. Snow blows about to night &. is filling the roads I called to Mr. Patton’s this eve a few moments

Saturday Feb. 2” 1856

Had a Small School this A.M. the weather is cold &. windy &. the roads drifting badly This P.M. the funeral of Mr. Patton was attended at the School House. Tho’ so cold the School House was full. Old Mr. McCoon of South Butler preached. He is a good common sense old farmer. Was once a Methodist I don’t know what church he is now connected with. He appointed a meeting for to morrow in the School House I went to Mr. Jones to Spend the Sabbath

Sabbath Feb. 3” 1856

Very cold &. blustering to day. I walked to Clyde. did not want to go to the School House. I was the only one from the country. There was a very fair attendance of the Village people Their house id not well arranged for warming. I gave a Suggestion that I think will remedy it. A Mr. Munn had a felon on his finger I let him have a vial of Arnica for it. Spoke with Mrs. Kingsbury, &. Mrs. Dr. Eliot. Had good sermons. On my return bro’t Mr. Geo. P. Smith’s Tract Soc Papers &. called a few minutes. 2 or 3 sleighs passed over the road.

Monday Feb. 4” 1856

Had 14 scholars all boys. It is very windy &. cold. Snow is drifting. did not Spell in School. Went home with David Kelsey to night Wallace St. John in my School this P.M.

Tuesday Feb. 5” 1856

Still cold &. windy as yesterday, perhaps a little less tedious. Had 17 scholars Martha Fornecrook was the only girl Wm Patterson was in this P.M. To day the Plank road has been shoveled to let teams pass.

Wednesday Feb. 6” 1856

Wind has gone down &. weather is warm &. comfortable. Heard to day that Mrs. Chamberlain is sick. This P.M. John Bostwick in. He has no School this week. To night I went to Mr. Mackie’s. Gave him a letter to Dr. Pollock, to induce favorable terms of treatment of his daughter’s eyes. He approved it. The Stone &. Frear Family left School to day, probably offended at something. 26 scholars to day

Thursday Feb. 7” 1856

Wind South. Snowed Some, but been comfortable &. rather pleasant. Had 31 Scholars. School begins to look much as usual. Yesterday I was quite unwell in the afternoon to day I feel better. To night went to Mr. Brownall’s. This eve met at School House to study Arithmetic. Scholars turned out well.

Friday Feb. 8” 1856

Comfortable weather. 31 Scholars to day. After School this P.M. called &.took tea at Mr. Fornecrook’s. At the Depot met Mr. Thos Barnes our assemblyman &. Mr Hyde of the Assembly District, &. our Senator Mr. Sam. Cuyler on their was from Albany to Spend the Sabbath with their Families. I got quite well acquainted with them. Rode on the Omnibus to East Village. found all well.

Galen Monday Feb. 11” 1856

Pleasant day. To night I went to Mr. Woods. This eve had a School for Arithmetic Studies. Wind began to blow to night &. snow to fall. Had several visitors. Notified them at the close of the school what was the object of the School &. that we wanted no company again.

Tuesday 12” Feb. 1856

22 Scholars to day. Snows &. very windy. I think as unpleasant a day to be out as we have had. It is drifting a great deal. To night I went to Mr. Strong’s. Mr. Dickerson came &. took all of us who went North with his Sleigh.

Wednesday 13” Feb. 1856

19 Scholars. Cold. To night I went to Mr. Patten’s &. visited with Wm &. Miss Patterson &. young Patten. To night a donation visit to Rev. Wood, Methodist Minister is made.

Thursday 14” Feb. 1856

21 Scholars to day. School gone of pleasantly, but to night am very tired, &. went to Mr. Jones’ to spend the night.

Friday 15” Feb. 1856

To day had 27 Scholars. Weather pretty cold but looks like a thaw. Last night Thomas Mackie went home &. neglected to stop &. see me as I requested him to do after school. This morn gave as a reason for not doing is that he had not time. I whipped his hand pretty severely, in the presence of the School. At noon he moved his books home, intending to go to School to the village. (I heard the Scholars say, I did not pay any attention to it.) the School has annoyed me very much to day. Martha Fornecrook walked to Clyde this eve with Me. I went to School House in Newark to go into Singing School but a Temperance Lecture being in progress in the Hall I went into it.

Galen Monday 18” Feb. 1856

Still cold &. stormy. After Breakfast David Kelsey (who had come up to Spend the Sabbath with me) &. I walked to Lyons. Roads very much drifted until we came to Rail Road for the first time this winter. The R.R. track furnishes good walking we were in Season for the cars &. arrived at School at half past 9 oclk, 15 minutes later than usual. The roads were of course much drifted. Fred A Jones, David Kelsey &. Aden Fornecrook were with me at School to day. To night I went home with D. Kelsey. Called on Espenscheid awhile Spent eve very pleasantly.

Tuesday 19” Feb. 1856

Snow Still blowing Some, tho’ the weather has moderated very much Since yesterday 17 Scholars to day. No girls. I spoke nearly half an hour to the Scholars at the close of the afternoon Session &. bade them good by. They seemed Sorry to leave the School, &. I am Sorry. I went to Mr. Harpers to take tea but they were gone Went then to Mr. Mackies, but he too was gone So I returned &. went to Mr. Chamberlain’s &. spent the night.

Wednesday 20” Feb. 1856

Warmer to day. I wrote of in the district Book list of Scholars &. no of days this A.M. &. called at the Dickinsons, Guildersleve’s Gates Smiths, Strong’s &. Mr. Brownall’s. Went then to School House &. warmed the house. Had a long &. interesting conversation with John Welch an Irish fellow 16 years of age &. a Catholic on the Subject of Catholicism. About 2 o’cl’k called while at Mr. Sours’ then went to Mr. Fornecrook’s &. Spent a couple of hours They feel well Satisfied with my work &. were disappointed &. sorry that I could not stay another month. About 5 o’cl’k I went into Mr. Geo. P. Smith’s. took tea &. visited until 8 o’cl’k very pleasantly when I went to Mr. Jones’ &. spent the night. Spent the eve very pleasantly.

Thursday 21” Feb. 1856

Pleasant. After breakfast took leave of the rest of the family &. they went off to work. I had a Sorry leave taking with Kate. She Shed tears &. my eyes were a little moist. She has been a first rate girl this winter. I have liked her very much. She is not a briliant girl but a girl of fair mental capacity &. has an excellent disposition. Called at Mr. Brownall’s awhile &. took leave of Ira &. the rest of the family. I told the old man that it was Ira who cut my curtains, &. about my punishing him awhile ago. I called at Mrs. Patton’s presented Drs orders against her Son, &. left for him to get of him. Called at Mr. Sours’ to get Carpet Bag &. got a ride to Clyde Marth &. Aden Fornecrook also rode with us. I had quite a visit with Martha Called on John Bostwick’s School. It is a very noisy one. I think he is a very poor teacher At 11:30 A.M. took cars for Lyons. Had teeth plugged by Dr. Sylvester. No charge for it. Called at Klines Schop My watch not in order yet. Was in court awhile. Started home on foot rode about half way. Found all well.

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