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Local Architecture

This part of our website will take time to complete. We are attempting to research many structures from the time they were built until the present. Our community has a rich history and many buildings have withstood the test of time.

It was a sad day when the Stow House had to be demolished. The Stow house came down in 2007 and 6 West Genesee Street became a parking lot. Many people with an interest in the historical integrity of the home worked long hours trying to save the structure. The home had been neglected to the point that restoration would not only be time consuming and expensive, but impractical. Built in 1817 the Stow residence was the oldest wood frame house on the north side of the River. The Insurance/Law office was taken to the Genessee Country Museum in Mumford, New York, where it can still be seen today. DeLancey Stow Insurance Office

We are researching the structures at the addresses linked below. If you have or know anyone who has information related to these structures, please email us to share what you know and the source of the information. Do not be surprised if you see someone taking a photo of your home or business. Our researchers may knock on your door to explain what we are doing with this project and to ask what you know about your home or building.

List of Structure Addresses

This is a link to the Wayne County Historic Sites in the Town of Galen/Village of Clyde.
Link to Historic Sites in Galen

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